Day@Work events 2018

Day@Work events for international students from May to August 2018.

Would you like to be acquainted with the Finnish working culture, particulary in a Turku-based company?

Brahea Center at the University of Turku in collaboration with OpiskelijaKaupunki Turku is organising this spring a second round of Day@Work for international degree students at the universities in Turku.

The concept is that the international degree students get to know about Finnish business culture and what is it like to work in a startup for 1 day.

The schedule for the event is as follow:

  • Application deadline: March 30th
  • Information session to students on Finnish business culture, organized by Turku World Trade Center: tbc, mid-April 2018
  • Final selection of students to participate in Day@Work and matchmaking: by April 27th
  • Day@Work: to be organized between May and August 2018, depending on the students and startup availability

Day@Work 2018 flyer (pdf)

Contact: Céline Charpentron, project manager, University of Turku,