Student represents wanted!

We are in association with the POLKU project developing an online ”Handbook for working in Finland” in order to provide more knowledge on Finnish working life and enhance the employment of international students and other migrants. We are now searching for some student represents to participate in the development work with feedback.

  • Are you interested in developing your emlopyment or project skills?
  • Would You like to know how it is to work in Finland – which skills are needed?
  • Would you like to help the project and provide information that in future will help foreign Academic Professionals to get employed?

We need a person that is not afraid to say ones opinion.

We will meet a few times, (we´ll meet at my office and have lunch or a dinner) and discuss what the participants think about working in Finland. What kind of skills du you think you need while working? I will provide with  some information how to get employed and we´ll together structure what ”Handbook for Working in Finland” material package should consist of.

We´ll have our first meeting on 25.11 or 30.11.
Please contact me before 21.11.2016 if you are interested.

Contact Mia Adolfsson,
Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK