Finnish Export Sales House training courses

Dear student,

Are you looking for a job? Do you want a new direction for your career? Are you interested in working with international exports?

Finnish Export Sales House ( trains export specialists and is now looking for students for the 2018 export training (the dates will be agreed later).

– after that our company markets them to the Finnish exporting companies

Finnish Export Sales House welcome you warmly to participate in the Web Export Training. The training is very practical and it will help you to gain new skills of international exports.

Where will it be held?
The education is held as a web education with an education programme ‘Go To Meeting’ to the persons who have send us their confirmation of the participation.

When does it start?
The export training will be starting in January 2018. The dates will be agreed later.

Language for the education
The education will be held in English.

Duration of the education
The education lasts 1,5 months and contains 15 lectures,  2-3 hours in the evenings between 5pm and 8pm.

What do you need for the education?
You need for the education a computer with an internet connection.

For the training there are following two possibilities:

1.) Only training

-web education
-sending  about 15 lessons of export
-certificate of the education

Price: 200,00  EUR

2.) Training and Marketing to Export Enterprises

a) Personal skype interview
– only the persons who are matching to export sales are chosen for the education

b) Web education:
– sending  about 15 lessons of exports
– sending questionnaires of these lessons and as reply corrected lessons
– certificate of the education

c) Intensive marketing to export enterprises
– after the education the information (picture and other basic information)  of these persons will be updated on our webpage

–  Finnish Export Sales House makes a contract with the exporting company for ex. for 6 Months.
– after this trial period the company may employ our person

This project gives a real possibility to get permanent job in an Finnish exporting company

Price: 300,00 EUR

More information of the training in Video:

Are you interested?

Please inform us as soon as possible by replying to this email if you are interested in this offer / possibility or by sending your application to :

Send an email if you want to participate in: 1) Only training or 2) Training and Marketing to Finnisch Export Enterprises

It is also possible to pay the education in partial payment.

For more information, please contact Lauri Karppanen, 040 728 9498, email:

Greetings / terveisin

Mr. Lauri Karppanen
Managing Director

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Finnish Export Sales House

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Tel.:  +358 40-7289498

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