MOOCs in Data science at Open University/ÅAU

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Machine learning, 5 ects

Machine learning skills are fast becoming necessary for data scientists as companies navigate the data and try to build automated decision systems that hinge on predictive accuracy. At the end of this course students get familiar with the foundation of machine learning. They would be able to analyze the data with standard machine learning skills and would be able to write the relevant code in MATLAB/Octave to facilitate these analyses.
Prerequisites for the course: The basic knowledge of MATLAB/Octave is advised.

Target group: The course is well suited for professionals with an IT-background, currently wanting to upgrade their skills and thus suitable for both unemployed as well as those in the working force.

This online course (MOOC) is starting in week 44 (31.10.2016)

Registration and fees: Registration via the Open University. This course is part of a pilot within the AVOT-project and if you only want to attend the course you can do it for free. However, if you wish to do all the exercises and get credit points and a certificate you need to pay the Open university term fee of 50 euros.

Examination: Project-based, project peer-review, project report, online course (MOOC).

Facilitators and teachers: PhD Sepinoud Azimi, and professor Ion Petre, Åbo Akademi University