FACE Helsinki 16.06.2015 – streaming session

What: FACE Helsinki: Spare time… what does that mean for an entrepreneur?
When: June 16th from 17:30 to 20:30
Where: Streaming session
Registration link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/face-helsinki-spare-time-what-does-that-mean-tickets-22700020372

FACE Helsinki: Spare time… what does that mean?’ will address the lack of free time and loss of personal freedom entrepreneurs must juggle when launching a new business. For the vast majority of entrepreneurs, their startup is their passion. That’s why they don’t mind spending countless hours dedicated to turning their project into a reality… but that doesn’t mean they can’t find time for their family, friends, and other hobbies.  Apart from that, entrepreneurs fear losing personal freedom on the business side when they start to attract investors and need to give up equity in their company in return for funding. The reigns are no longer just theirs, and decisions often need to be consulted before final solutions can be made.

Come join us to hear what entrepreneurs have to say about their experiences about facing the unknown future of entrepreneurship: their fears, doubts, failures, advice and success; ask them questions via a Skype session, network with others like you and start your journey to entrepreneurship!