Project Aces Summer 2016

What is the Project Aces?

Project Aces is a working life simulation for the students of the higher education institutions of Turku, which offers to learn the project management basics through a client project. The students execute the project in multidisciplinary, and also international teams of 3-5 students.

The client projects tackle the development challenges of local enterprises, public sector organisations and NGOs. The projects can include e.g. planning and organising events, or developing marketing, communications, logistics or products.

For students the Project Aces offers:

  • project management experience
  • real working life environment
  • possibility to learn by working with real clients
  • international multidisciplinary student teams
  • ECTS included into your degree
  • contacts and skills for further job-hunting

What do you do?
The training is centered around client project conducted in multidisciplinary groups of 3-5 students. In addition, a Kick-off Camp and meetings to support the client project are organised. Find out more about the training.

To whom?
The training is aimed at undergraduate and master level students of the higher education institutions of Turku, and for graduates of 2015. For undergraduates, two years of succesful studies is recommended. Also foreign degree students and exchange students are welcome, if they are in Turku from May until August.

The training is organised from 16 May to 22 August 2016. The Kick-off Camp on 16 May is compulsory to all students. Please see the Schedule.

Client projects
We aim at multidisciplinary team, where each students has a role based on his/her competence and experience. Therefore the students do not get to choose their teams or projects. The students selected for the training are informed on their projects by 9 May. Please read the testimonials and about past projects.

Student applications are welcome until 27th April.
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