Discussion meetings for universities’ study advisors, 8.12.2017

The first meeting for university staff-members, who provide guidance for international students, was held on 28.9.2017 at Turku AMK . During the first meeting the participants discussed how they would like to co-operate in the future.

It was decided, that it would be beneficial to meet a couple of times per semester and discuss topics of common interest during these meetings.

The topic of our next meeting will be visa and residence permit issues. Everyone who find the topic useful is welcome to attend the meeting.

The meeting will be held on 8th of December 2017, since an expert from Migri can join us this day. If you are interested in attending the meeting please contact Mr. Martin van Wetten at Turku AMK, martin.vanwetten@turkuamk.fi.

If you are interested in being informed about upcoming meetings in general, please contact Anu Lehtinen, anu.lehtinen@turkuamk.fi and you will be enrolled on the group’s mailinglist.