Johannes Brusila

Project leader, prof. Johannes Brusila (Musicology, Åbo Akademi University) has researched several different aspects of the musical life of the Swedish-speaking population of Finland. He has also studied connections between the music industry and culture, digital technology, the materiality of music and cultural heritage. He has, apart from his academic career, worked as the director of the Sibelius museum and as a freelance radio presenter. Brusila is responsible for the scholarly administration of the project, for contacts with the project’s partners, for the supervision of the researchers, and he is himself conducting research in all the different sub projects.

Kaarina Kilpiö

D.Soc.Sc., doc. Kaarina Kilpiö’s research interests include consumption research and the usage of music and sound technology.  She has among other things studied the impact of the C-cassette on music listening habits in Finland, but also audiovisual history, advertisement music, commercial soundscapes and propaganda. Most of her research has included ethnographic research methods and written memory material, as well as interviews. In the project, Kilpiö is mainly working with sub-projects 5 and 4.

Kim Ramstedt

PhD Kim Ramstedt has studied the impact of technology on music cultures with a focus on the DJ’s agency in the mediation and localization of music. He also has practical experience of DJ work in clubs as well as on the semi-national Bassoradio station. Under the artist name DJ Emil, he has among other things released electronic remixes of folk music. Ramstedt will focus on sub-projects 2 and 1.

Inka-Maria Nyman

MA Inka-Maria Nyman is a doctoral student in musicology at Åbo Akademi University. Her master’s thesis was a discourse analysis of how the public image of Finland’s national opera is constructed in media representations. Her doctoral dissertation will develop this subject further to include processes of digitalisation, consumption patterns and brand development. She has worked several years with communication and marketing at the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. Nyman is primarily working with sub-projects 3 and 4.