New activities in the schedule

New activities in the schedule

Climbing – You can already climb at Wasa Up on Fridays between 15-17 at no extra cost. Climbing harness and shoes are also included.

Running – Starting next Monday the 6th of November, a new running group will start with Axel as a leader. Gathering at the outdoor gym at Metviksparken at 6pm. Put on reflexes and join you too. Everyone is welcome, no matter what level you are at.

Halloween Run 31th of October 2023

Sports services of Vaasa’s universities, student organizations, FSHS and Wasa Sports Club invite you to join this autumn’s scariest, but also most relaxed running event on the official Halloween day, October 31! 👻🎃 Despite the name, you don’t have to run in the event, but you can also walk, lightly jog or travel between the campuses in any way that suits you. 🚶👩‍🦼🤸‍♂️


The event starts at 16.30. in the parking lot of Wasa Sports Club, where you can photograph your outfit at the photo booth and make sure you’re taking part in the costume contest. 🎭📸 The main prize for the best costume of the day chosen by the jury is Samsung 65” 4K OLED television sponsored by Gigantti, but several other dress up efforts will also be rewarded. 👹🏆


At 17.00, the warm-up starts and the starting shot starts the run through the campuses, collecting stamps for the stamp pass. The event culminates in a finish line party accompanied by a DJ and an award ceremony at Vaasa’s market square. 🎉🏁🥳


All those who return the filled stamp pass to the goal area at the market square by 19.00. will receive an overall patch and will also participate in the raffle held during the finish line party, where great prizes will also be given away. 🎁🌟


The Halloween-themed celebration continues until the dark hours of the night in the afterparties held by the student organizations, so follow their own advertising so you know what’s happening where! 🕺🦇🪩

WHAT: Halloween Run, urban orienteering 🧭

WHERE: Starting point at Wasa Sports Club, finish area at the market square

WHEN: Tuesday 31.10. from 16.30 to 19.30

WHY: Because Halloween, dressing up and great prizes!

REGISTRATION: Redeem a free ticket from, and you will receive a stamp pass at the starting point by showing it. Tickets will be published in VAMOK’s on 13.10. at 13.30

OTHER: The event is free of charge and open to everyone who has redeemed a ticket on – so all you have to do is wear a Halloween costume, bring your own sports drink (😉) and start orienteering!


The main sponsor of the event is Gigantti Vaasa.

Bug in the system when you sign up to climbing course

It appears to be a bug in the system so that everyone has to pay even though it is supposed that members of ÅAU Sports and VY Liikunta will get the course for free. Too short a time now to make amends, but you will get your money back, so feel free to tell others that it is ok to come along. You who are members of ÅAU Sports or Vaasa University Sports Service will get that €10 back. Sign up HERE

Course in climbing for beginners – Friday the 6th of October at 4-5pm

From the 13th of October we will introduce a climbing opportunity in the schedule on Fridays at 3-5pm. Please join us for the introduction this Friday, the 6th of October at 4-5pm, then you can climb more on your own in the future.

On the climbing course for beginners, you get started with climbing under the safe guidance of an instructor, where you learn the basics as well as safe bouldering and climbing with automatic safety systems. Suitable for first-time climbers. Includes climbing shoes and equipment.

Sign up here