Frisbee-golf will start 7th of May instead of today

Hello! Sorry – this comes at such short notice.
But I will work both today and next week’s Friday, and that on the following Friday I will go to Jakobstad.
So I will postpone the first opportunity to 7.5, hopefully see you then!
// Simon – disc golf

At the office IRL on Wednesday 24th of February

I will be at the office in Academill this Wednesday 24th of February from 9-13.30.

You will find me in the lobby, outside the restaurant Alexander between 11.30-13. There you can pick up your ÅAU Sports tag and sticker. You can come and discessus what the ÅAU Sports membership includes. And also buy tailmarks.

4€ for this years mark and 1€ for last years mark


At the office in Academill the 25th of January 2021

I will be in the office IRL on Monday the 25 of January from 9.30-14.30 (out on lunch and some other issues from 11.45-13.15.

You can buy membership to ÅAU Sports (cash only), pick up your tag and sticker if you already have payed the membership.

You can also buy this years tail-mark for 4€. (cash only)

My office is now in B430.

News from Wasa Sports Club – Online booking to classes from next week (3)

ON CUSTOMERS ‘REQUESTS WEB BOOKING from Mon 18.1 2021 From Mon 18.1, you have the temporary opportunity to book a place for the hours online. To be able to book / cancel hours, login is required. The e-mail address you provided to WSC is the username. Via the link below you can order a password. Booking / cancellation via the web, should be made no later than 60 minutes before the hour starts and can done 7 days in advance. By taking out your note at Sports Gym, you redeem your place. This should be done no later than 10 min before the class starts, otherwise the booking will be canceled. If 3 bookings are not redeemed, your booking option will be locked. Then contact the staff. Remember to cancel your place in case of any obstacles! Have a nice workout! p.s. If you have Ladies Club’s membership card, contact the staff

No study-break excersice today

I have trouble with the zoom-link so there will not be any excersice-break in your studies today.  We give it a try next week when I have fixed the trouble with the zoom-links.  Wish you all a nice weekend!

In place at the office IRL

I will be in my office in Academill at the University of Åbo Academy on Friday the 8th of January from 10-13.30. Please observe that I have moved my office. I am now placed in B430. You can wave to me from the big aula.