Our leaders

Below, you can acquaint yourself with ÅAU Sports leaders for the 2022-202 academic year If you have any questions, you can find the contact details for the leaders in each presentation.



Malik Fajic

Hey! My name is Malik and I am 23 years old. I will play futsal twice and floorball once a week for all of you who are interested in coming along and moving around a bit! We have great fun and music is a MUST at my sessions! Hope to see you on the pitch!


Riccardo Notarangelo



Sofie Sundström

My name is Sofie Sundström and I study developmental psychology at Åbo Akademi University. I will hold the Wednesday volleyball session from this fall. A number of years ago, I discovered volleyball and the great team spirit it brings, and since then it has been my favorite sport. I am therefore looking forward to seeing many players stop by on Wednesday evenings to have a good time together!

Volleyball on beginners-level

Oskar Bodman

My name is Oskar Bodman and I will be the leader for the beginner’s course in volleyball in the autumn. I am studying the last year to become an IT engineer at Novia. I have played volleyball for about 9 years in different teams, including in Kokkola, Rovaniemi and Seinäjoki.

If you want to refine your technique, come along on Mondays at 6 pm

Online Qigong

Therese Lervik

Tabata och stretch

Yvonne Näsman

Hey! My name is Yvonne Näsman and I run the one-man company Wonnes Wellness. My company is focused on making other people feel better. In my free time I like to do as little as possible. Eat, sleep, knit, walk the dog and read books. It’s my way of feeling good. What makes you feel good?

I am a registered nurse and midwife as well as a doctor of health sciences with nursing science as my major. In addition, I am a certified LesMills BODYPUMP ™ instructor (license not valid in 2021), licensed Zumba Fitness®, Zumba Gold®, Zumba Toning® and Zumba Gold®-Toning instructor, spinning instructor trained by Wasa Sports Club, FISAF Fitness Assistant , FISAF Fitness Instructor, FISAF Personal Trainer, Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Yin Yoga Teacher and Certified Yoga Shred® Teacher. In addition to these things, I have been busy with both during my almost 59-year-old life. Still going strong! ”

Hahta yoga

Pinja Levonen

Namaste! My name is Pinja Levonen and I am a yoga teacher. I will do one Hatha Yoga session (1h 30min) a week at ÅAU sports academic year 22-23.

I am in my third year studying to become a special education teacher at ÅA and in my free time I prefer to spend my time on the yoga mat or in nature. Yoga has been an important companion for me for many years. Yoga brings me to the present and helps me find peace by coming back to my body and my breath.

Welcome along! See you on the mat!

PS You can find me on Instagram and Facebook under the name @yoga.pinea


Stair training / Get started with gymtraining at WSC

Edith Klemets

Hey! My name is Edith Klemets, I am 24 years old and now studying in the fifth year to become a special education teacher. I will do gym training at Wasa Sports Club every Tuesday at 5-6pm. A warm welcome! A few years ago I trained as an International Personal Trainer in Marbella, Spain.

In addition to the Tuesday workouts at the gym, I will now at the beginning of autumn also do stair training in Gerby on Thursdays, as long as the weather permits. Hope to see you!


Karate for beginners

Linda Holm (2nd Dan), beginners classes

I have practised karate since 1994 and Kyusho-jutsu for a few years at the beginning of my career. I regularly attend international camps abroad to develop as a karateka (karate practitioner). I am a registered instructor in the World Combat Association. I am in charge of the beginner courses at Karate-Do Shotokan, and I serve as Chairman and head of its administration. I study mental training and relaxation coaching, and I’m especially interested in the mental aspects of martial arts.

Karate – Intermediate class

Jens Knip (4th Dan), advanced classes

I have practised karate since 1987 and even Kyusho-jutsu for a few years of my career. I regularly attend international camps abroad to develop my skills. I also organise camps for a partner organisation in Finland every year as an invited guest. I am a registered instructor in the World Combat Association. I am in charge of training, content and development at Karate-Do Shotokan.

I possess a great deal of knowledge and skills in self-defence and threatening situations after working in the security sector for 15 years. Linda and I also regularly hold self-defence classes for various groups, such as social workers, nursing students and young girls. Various Adult Education Centres have also been long-standing partners.