Disc-golf on hold and Indoor F.I.T starts

Due to the fact that darkness is coming earlier in the evenings, we now have to pause the disc golf from today, Friday the 13.11.

But from Monday the 16th of November we start Indoor F.I.T at 17-18. We train together with Andreas Närvä from Drivkraft and are located in the G-entrance between the entrance to Academill and Wasa Up. Versatile functional training with both strength and aerobic elements. Everyone can train based on their own level. A warm welcome!

Yoga online

Apply for membership in the Facebook group Boho Yoga University and take part in many, varied yoga classes that are arranged specifically for university students.

Today, Wednesday the 14th of October, Chakra voice meditation is arranged at 17 (eng) and Deep body care at. 18.

The gym in Vasa Swimminghall is closed until the 31th of October

Please note that Vaasa Swimminghalls gym is closed until 31.10.2020

As of 19.9.2020, the 25m pool and the children’s pool are out of use until further notice due to maintenance work.

In the 50 m pool, all courses are 25 m from 21.9.2020 – 1.11.2020

(taken from Vasa Swimminghall’s website, 12.10.2020, at 19.00)

Online classes also at WSC

It is now possible to take part of different classes online at Wasa Sports Club.

The information on their website is only in Swedish or Finnish so I give you the Swedish version. You can find the possibility to online classes on their Facebook-site. And of course can you join other days than Tuesdays.

Nya schemat finns nu på www.WSC.fi —> se veckans schema. Där kan du följa med streamade pass .42. Observera att streamade pass kan du också delta i på WSC!
Streamningen på Facebook och Instagram.
Vi meddelar i god tid på vilken kanal det finns.
Tack för er förståelse!
Vi gör vårt bästa att vi kan erbjuda er möjligheten att träna tryggt i dessa tider.
Stay safe!