How can I join?

Membership in ÅAU Sports

You can become a member by paying the membership fee on ÅAU’s web shop.

Bachelor- and Magister Students enrolled as present at Åbo Akademi University, Novia University of Applied Sience or Hanken in Vaasa.

Full year (September–Augusti) – 55€

Autumn term (September–December) – 35€

Spring term (January–August) – 40€

Students enrolled as present at Novia University of Applied Science in Jakobstad

Full year (September–Augusti) – €35

One term – 25€



Full year (September–Augusti) – 70€

Autumn term (September–December) – 45€

Spring term (Januari–August) – 50€


Tail marks

You can also buy our tail marks in the webshop

   2€ – 2019-2020 The first ÅAU Sports tail mark ever

  4€ – 2020-2021 The Corona-tail mark

   4€ -2021-2022  with hope of a more open society