Articles published

We are happy to announce that two articles reporting research related to PROSUS have now been published by International Journal of Early Childhood Environmental Education (IJECEE) in the Spring 2021 Issue. You can find both articles here.

One article is written by Ann-Christin Furu and Cecilia Heilala and focuses on the sustainability work conducted by ECEC teacher education teaching practice settings in Finland as depicted in a collaborative process by staff. It problematizes the fact that sustainability is addressed with considerable variability and emphasizes the need for professional development in the field.

Another article is written by Ann-Christin Furu and Satu Valkonen and reports on the piloting of PROSUS and resluts from the teams in ECEC settings that took part in the development of the tool. It focuses on how PROSUS can contribute to processes of collegial reflection and discussion and thereby promote sustainability practices and pedagogies in the teams.

Welcome! Välkommen! Tervetuloa!

Welcome to follow the research project Promoting Sustainability in Early Childhood Education and Care, or in short PROSUS!

PROSUS is a collaboration that has emerged from our shared interest in sustainability issues within the realm of ECEC. It is also an arena for shared thinking about the role and possibilities of ECEC in times of ecological crisis and planetary emergency. Our research focus is twofold: we are interested in both the current sustainability practices and pedagogies and in how they might be both promoted by collegial learning processes.

A practical aspect of our research is the PROSUS tool, which is a mapping tool that staff in ECEC can use a) in order to document and assess their sustainability work and b) in order to enhance reflection and discussion about sustainability education at the team level as well as c) develop practices that can promote sustainability. The PROSUS tool is an adaptation of the OMEP ESD Rating Scale and it is informed by the Finnish educational legislation and policy concerning sustainability as well as contemporary research in the field of sustainability education. The tool is available in both national languages, Swedish and Finnish. It has been piloted and elaborated in collaboration with practitioners during 2019 and 2020 and will be published on this website shortly.

On this website we will regularly publish posts about our research endeavour in the PROSUS project. We will also invite guest writers that can contribute to our common understanding of how sustainability work in ECEC can be part of the transition towards a genuinely sustainable world. As we ourselves represent the multilingual university contexts in Finland, we will share posts in either English, Finnish and/or Swedish.

Welcome! Tervetuloa! Välkommen!

Satu and Ann-Christin