Open science at Åbo Akademi University

(på svenska: Öppen vetenskap vid Åbo Akademi)

This document contains the Åbo Akademi University policy for open science, including:

Guidelines for open access publishing
Guidelines for data management

Directive for data management plans

Staff and students at Åbo Akademi University are welcome to contribute to the policy by giving comments at the end of the document. Only comments from valid will be considered.

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Openness – a basis for collaboration and impact – a basis for science

What is open science? Openness is a basis for science. Openness gives everyone an opportunity based on their own conditions to participate in research, both within the research community and together, with citizens and policy makers. To the research community, open science makes the development of science faster. One can correct errors as well as avoid unnecessary duplication of research. For science as a part of the society, open access to research results and research data means that research to a greater extent can reach out, attract interest, be understood and be considered. Through openness, we generate knowledge together and aim to have a larger impact in society.

Research and education at Åbo Akademi University complies with good scientific practice and the principles for open science and open access to research data, according to the definitions and guidelines given by the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity. The  Finnish initiative for Open Science and Research, launched by the Ministry of Education, recommends that researchers publish their research with an open license or in open source format.

The researchers at Åbo Akademi University act as proactive experts within their disciplines and in collaboration with the society. Scientific research results published in publications of high quality is a central aspect of the researcher’s academic qualifications. To implement and promote open science, researchers are encouraged to aim for the right to parallel publishing (a.k.a. green open access) whenever they make a publishing agreement.

The faculties and the subjects at ÅAU, the doctoral programs and the principal investigators and project leaders of research projects are responsible for introducing new doctoral students and researchers to the open science policy at Åbo Akademi University. When new doctoral students and researchers are introduced to Åbo Akademi University, they get information on the principles for research data management, data storage and open access to research data at Åbo Akademi University.

Åbo Akademi University Library supports researchers in open access publishing and is responsible for the support for parallel publishing. Åbo Akademi University Library and Research Services arranges courses and information sessions on open access and data management for researchers. The Legal Service at Åbo Akademi University is responsible for matters that require legal expertise, for example regarding ownership rights to research data, including the rights to re-use data and results.


1. Scientists at Åbo Akademi publish their research in peer-reviewed scientific publications of high quality within their own discipline. As scientific publications are considered articles in scientific journals, serials, books, conference publications, reprints and theses for Master’s degree, licentiate degree and doctoral degree.

2. Scientific publications produced at Åbo Akademi University are made as openly available as possible, considering the publisher’s terms and conditions, as well as current legislation and agreements.

3. Åbo Akademi University recommends publishing in peer reviewed Open Access journals of high quality (i.e. gold open access).

4. Scientific publications are published as open access in the Åbo Akademi University Library archive always when the publisher’s terms and conditions allow this (i.e. green open access).

5. Researchers at Åbo Akademi University additionally present their research and their research results through other channels, such as popular science publications, mass media and social media.


1. Researchers at Åbo Akademi University manage their research data in accordance with current legislation and agreements, ethical principles and good scientific practice. Research data refer to all types of data: raw data, primary data, secondary data etc., and to all forms of data: measurements, statistics, artwork, recordings, transcriptions (for example interviews, questionnaires, observations etc.

2. When a research project is designed at Åbo Akademi University, a data management plan is made up for the research data generated by the project (instructions in detail are attached to this document).

3. As support for making a data management plan, Åbo Akademi University recommends a qualified tool, such as the tool DMPTuuli. Åbo Akademi University Library follows the development and use of DMPTuuli and other associated tools. In addition, the Library arranges courses and support for users.

4. The starting point for data management at Åbo Akademi University is to promote transparency and shared use of data. However, the researcher himself/herself determines from case to case the level at which he/she can open and give access to data. Also, the researcher can choose to open only a part of the data. Data or parts of the data either can be completely open, or may be restricted, for example for research purposes.

5. Åbo Akademi University recommends that digital research data are stored in secure and qualified, national and international databases and storage services. Åbo Akademi University Library follows the use of storage services and gives support to users.

6. The researcher is responsible for providing sufficient metadata for his/her research data. Research data should be stored and recorded in such ways, that the data is accessible and usable later on, for example for reuse.

APPENDIX: Terminology

APPENDIX: Directive for data management plans

Instructions for students and staff at Åbo Akademi University, including links to relevant services, will be continously updated at the internal webpages on responsible research, open science and research, and research data management (please, log in). /26.2.2020

Åbo Akademi University internal information for students and staff on rules and directives regarding data management and storage (please, log in): Data protection and information security

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