Researchers and Associates

Jan Antfolk, Ph.D.

Jan Antfolk is a post-doctoral researcher funded by a personal grant from the Academy of Finland. His research interests in forensic psychology include… READ MORE

Julia Korkman, Ph.D. 

Dr Julia Korkman is specialized in investigative interviewing, investigating crimes against children and witness psychology… READ MORE

Pekka Santtila, Ph.D

Pekka Santtila is Professor of Psychology and Global Network Professor at New York University (Shanghai). He is also Visiting Research Professor… READ MORE

Francesco Pompedda, Ph.D.

Francesco Pompedda Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and a postdoc researcher in legal and investigative psychology. His interests are related to the field of improving… READ MORE

Alessandro Tadei

Alessandro Tadei is a PhD candidate from Italy. His research focuses mainly on how to use Bayesian statistics to improve the accuracy of child sexual… READ MORE

Tom Pakkanen

Tom is a PhD student wrapping up his thesis on behavioural crime linkage of homicides. Besides psychological profiling, his research interest include… READ MORE

Thomas Nyman

Thomas is a PhD candidate who is writing his thesis on the impact of distance and light
on eyewitness identification. More specifically his thesis focuses on… READ MORE

Anu Aromäki-Stratos, Ph.D.

Anu Aromäki-Stratos has a PhD in psychology. Her research interests are in forensic psychology… READ MORE

Hanna-Mari Lahtinen

Hanna-Mari Lahtinen is a psychologist specialized in legal psychology that works as a university lecturer… READ MORE

Ghitta Weizmann-Henelius, Ph.D.

Dr Ghitta Weizmann-Henelius is specialized in forensic psychology, forensic psychological examination and risk assessment. She is currently leading international… READ MORE

Taina Laajasalo, Ph.D. 

Taina Laajasalo is Adjunct professor (title of docent) in Forensic Psychology at the University of Helsinki. Her main research activities lately relate to investigations of child… READ MORE

Patrizia Pezzoli

Patrizia is a PhD candidate in Psychology. In her doctoral thesis, she investigates the  co-occurrence of body-related, internalizing and externalizing… READ MORE

Angelo Zappalà, PhD

Angelo is a licensed psychologist, clinical criminologist and cognitive behavior therapist.
His research interest include child sexal abuse investigations… READ MORE