Thomas Nyman

Thomas is a PhD candidate who is writing his thesis on the impact of distance and light
on eyewitness identification. More specifically his thesis focuses on establishing the
maximum distance an minimum lighting conditions required for reliable eyewitness
identifications; which has never been done previously in the field. Part of his PhD work
has included coordinating a large and very successful eyewitness experiment at the
Heureka Science Center during the summer of 2017: His supervisors are
Julia Korkman, Pekka Santtila, and Jan Antfolk.

Thomas has two previous master’s degrees, one in psychology and one in philosophy, and he
is a licensed clinical psychologist. He was (March-April 2018) a visiting
researcher scholar at Arkansas University in the United States, working with Professor
James Lampinen on the effect of distance and light on eyewitness identification. During
the autumn of 2018 (August-December) he will also be a visiting research scholar at New
York University in Shanghai, working with Pekka Santtila on research concerning
eyewitness identification and virtual reality technology. Thomas’ research interests
include: Eyewitness research, visual perception, virtual reality technology,
investigative interviewing, decision making in legal contexts, time perception, cognitive
training strategies.


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