Patrizia Pezzoli

Patrizia is a PhD candidate in Psychology. In her doctoral thesis, she investigates the  co-occurrence of body-related, internalizing and externalizing symptoms, as well as the  genetic and environmental factors influencing such co-occurrence. She also investigates  the association between child maltreatment and later symptoms and experiences, with a  focus on the gene-environment correlation mechanisms explaining this association.

Patrizia also has a Master’s degree in Neuroscience and Neuropsychological  Rehabilitation, as well as interests and experiences in the fields of Cognitive and  Forensic Neuroscience. As a visiting researcher at the Royal Mental Health Center in  Ottawa, Canada (August 2017-January 2018), she carried out a study aimed at measuring  attentional bias for child stimuli in forensic patients with pedophilic disorder using  eye-tracking, and at testing whether brain stimulation (tDCS) could reduce such bias, by  targeting brain areas that show altered activity in these patients.


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