Call for Workshop Proposals


15-16th November 2018
Åbo Akademi University, Turku, Finland

We invite workshops proposals for the 15th ETMU Conference: Vulnerability, Resilience and Resistance in Diverse Societies.

Conference rationale:

The conference’s goal is to reflect on the meanings, effects and resistances towards vulnerability in the context of mobility, migration and minoritization. Vulnerability, understood as both a universal and constant aspect of everyday life and a particular predicament of differently resilient individuals, has recently become an important concept within migration and minority studies. Survivors of torture, undocumented children or victims of trafficking have been considered as particularly vulnerable, and legislation and societal structures have been considered as agents in the creation and mitigation of such vulnerabilities. However, the understanding of vulnerability as negativity that requires a resilience-building response from the society and state institutions has been criticised as yet another mode of governing individuals in a neoliberal society. In turn, this view has been juxtaposed with understandings of vulnerability as a condition that is productive of or constitutes a radical possibility for the creation of new identities and subjectivities.

The confirmed keynote speakers are Dr. Jenny Phillimore (University of Birmingham, UK), Dr. Julian Reid (University of Lapland, Finland), and Dr. Rebecca Stern (Uppsala University, Sweden).

Facebook event here.

Call for Workshops is now open

The organizing committee invites scholars from various disciplines to problematise and/or challenge the concepts of vulnerability and resilience and reflect on both resistances and possibilities that they produce in diverse societies.

Proposals should contain the title of the workshop, the names and contact details of the convenor(s), and a short description of the workshop (not exceeding 500 words).

We accept proposals for both “open workshops”, which will invite participants through the Call for Papers later this spring, and “closed workshops”, which present the work of specific research groups or networks. If you propose a closed workshop, also the names of the presenters and the preliminary presentation titles are required at the time of submission.

Extended Call

Please send workshop proposals to by 27th April 2018.

For more information, please contact the conference organizers at or visit the conference website here.  The main language of the conference is English, but you can propose workshops in English, Finnish, or Swedish.

Conference organizers and partners:

The conference is organised by the Society for the Study of Ethnic Relations and International Migration (ETMU), the Institute for Human Rights and the Minority Research Profile at the Åbo Akademi University, in cooperation with the Migration Institute of Finland, the Turku Network for Research on Multiculturalism and Societal Interaction (Turku McNet) at the University of Turku, and the Donner Institute.

Organizing committee:

Ruth Illman, Donner Institute                                                                                 
Magdalena Kmak, Minority Research Profile, Åbo Akademi University & ETMU
Jaana Kouri, Turku McNet, University of Turku
Johanna Leinonen, Migration Institute of Finland & ETMU
Eveliina Lyytinen, Migration Institute of Finland & ETMU
Elina Pirjatanniemi, Institute for Human Rights, Åbo Akademi University
Pamela Slotte, Minority Research Profile, Åbo Akademi University

Minna Viuhko, the European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control, affiliated with the United Nations HEUNI & ETMU

Conference secretaries:

Stephen Phillips, Åbo Akademi University
Michel Rouleau-Dick, Åbo Akademi University

Publication Opportunities

Dear Conference Participants,

A special issue based on selected papers presented at the ETMU Days will be edited for the peer-reviewed open access journal Approaching Religion, published by the Donner Institute for Research in Religion and Culture, Åbo Akademi University, Finland. Guest Editors: Johanna Leinonen, Migration Institute of Finland & ETMU and Elina Pirjatanniemi, Institute for Human Rights, Åbo Akademi University.

You find the journal website at: 

The website of the Donner Institute:

AR is open access and has a wide readership among academia (download rates over 1000 per article). It is indexed in some of the largest scientific databases in the world (DOAJ, EBSCO, ATLA, ERIH Plus, Web of Science), as well as Google Scholar. Thus, the journal articles are searchable at more than 90 % of the world’s universities. AR is primarily a channel for publishing presentations given at conferences that DI has been involved in, and scholars from a wide range of fields have published with us – not just scholars of religion as the title might suggest.

After the conference, we cordially invite you to submit manuscripts for this special issue (Vol. 9/1), to be published in the spring of 2019.

The submissions will undergo peer review. You can find editorial policies, guidelines for authors as well as information on the review and publication processes on the journal website.

Publication Schedule:


Submission of articles for peer-review: 15.12. 2018
Response from reviewers: 15.2 2019
Final submission: 15.3 2019
Publication: 15.5 2019

We hope you will keep this publication option in mind when preparing for the conference and look forward to receiving your manuscripts.

Dr. Ruth Illman
Editor of Approaching Religion
Director, the Donner Institute


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