Religious and Ethnic Future of Europe

A conference arranged by The Donner Institute, The Department of Comparative Religion at Åbo Akademi University and The Migration Institute of Finland

12-13 June, 2017, Åbo Akademi University

Arken building, Fabriksgatan 2 / Tehtaankatu 2

20500 Åbo / Turku

Abstracts: refe abstracts (pdf)

Monday 12.6

08.30                  Registration and coffee

09.15                  Words of Welcome

                             Peter Nynäs, Ruth Illman & Tuomas Martikainen

09.30                  Keynote

                            Dr. Anne Goujon, Vienna Institute of Demography, Austria

                             What we know and don’t know about future religious developments: The                              contribution of demography

10.45                  Paper Session 1 (parallel sessions)

                           Session A:       

10.45                  Miika Ahola: Towards a universal church: Ethnic diversity challenges                                    self-understanding of the churches

11.15                   René Dausner: Humanity and hospitality. Theology in times of migration

11.45                  Heino Nyyssönen: … barely able to keep Europe Christian? Rhetoric of the                             Migrant Crisis in East Central Europe

                           Session B:

10.45                  Mathew J. Creighton: Seeds of Brexit:  Hidden anti-immigrant sentiment                              among the intolerant left

11.15                   Karoliina Dahl: Finnish university students’ reflections on the public                                        discussion climate regarding European migrant crisis

11.45                   Malin Fredriksson: Negotiations of racist hate crimes in the Finnish                                        criminal justice system

12.15                    Lunch

                             Café Arken, Arken-building, Fabriksgatan/Tehtaankatu 2

  13.15                Paper session 2 (parallel sessions)

                            Session C:

13.15                   Wardah Alkatiri: Desperately seeking unity: A postmodern critique of the                              modern nation state

13.45                 Neslihan Cevik, Gürol Baba, Onur Unutulmaz, Servet Erdem, Erdal                                           Akdeve, Mehmet Barca: Muslim diaspora in Europe: Profile, experiences,                               and projections

14.15                  Didem Doganyilmaz Duman: Increased visibility of Islam in European                                    public sphere: A real crisis?

                           Session D:

13.15                  Matti Kamppinen: Exploring the possible worlds and future paths of                                       religious and ethnic actors – the NPW approach

13.45                  Joanna Krotofil: Between traditionalism, fundamentalism and populism –                             Critical discourse analysis of Polish media coverage of the “refugee crisis”

14.15                  Heidi Rautionmaa: Why critical interfaith education is promoting social                                cohesion and justice

14.45                 Coffee

15.00                 Keynote

                          Dr. Conrad Hackett, Pew Research Center, USA

                            How demography is changing the religious landscape in Europe and                                       around the world

19.00                 Conference dinner at Kankas Manor

Bus to Kankas Manor starts at 18.30 in front of Turku Cathedral


Tuesday 13.6

09.00                Keynote

                          Prof. Vegard Skirbekk, Columbia Aging Center, Columbia University, USA                               & Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Norway

                            Religion and demographic change around the world

10.15                 Paper session 3 (parallel sessions)

                          Session E

10.15                 Fredrik Portin: “The barbarians will save us”. Western democracy after                                   the new visibility of religion

10.45                Mercédesz Czimbalmos: From Yiddishe khasene to civil marriage:

                           Intermarriages in Finnish Jewish communities

11.15                  Dora Pataricza: Religiosity among Jewish women in Finland

                         Session F

10.15                Müge Simsek: Similar or divergent paths? Religious development of                                        Christian and Muslim adolescents in Western Europe

10.45                Hadi Vakili: NRM in EU

11.15                 Anette Walstad Enes: Religious affiliation and practice among                                                  immigrants in Norway

11.45                 Lunch

12.45                Paper session 4

                         Session G

12.45                Roberta Ricucci: Internet tools for developing an Italian Islam. New                                        challenges for Muslim-second generations

13.15                 Joonas Timonen: Interminority relations in the age of super-diversity and                             transnationalism: Sunni-Shia dynamics between young Muslims living in                             Finland

13.45                  Abdeslam Marfouk: I’m neither racist nor xenophobic, but: Dissecting                                    European attitudes towards a ban on Muslims

14.15                  Coffee

14.30                 Keynote

                           Dr. Tuomas Martikainen, Migration Institute of Finland

                           Estimating future religious diversity in Finland

15.30                Closing with music by Uusikuu orchestra and final words by Dr. Ruth                                        Illman and Dr. Tuomas Martikainen

17.30-19.00     Public lecture at Turku City Library

Dr. Conrad Hackett, Pew Research Center, USA

Does demography doom the religiously unaffiliated to decline as a share of
the world’s population?