Ghitta Weizmann-Henelius, PhD and Adjunct Professor of forensic psychology, Abo Akademi University

Dr Ghitta Weizmann-Henelius is specialized in forensic psychology, forensic psychological examination and risk assessment. She is currently leading international research projects on risk assessment and development of risk assessment tools as well as on filicide, familicide and repeated neonaticide. She has translated several risk assessment tools into Finnish and lectures continuously on violence and risk assessment.

Books authored by Weizmann-Henelius:

Weizmann-Henelius, G. (1997). Väkivaltaisen ihmisen kohtaaminen [Meeting the violent person]. Tampere: Kirjayhtymä. [In Finnish].

Santtila, P. & Weizmann-Henelius, G. (Eds.) (2008). Oikeuspsykologia [Forensic psychology]. Helsinki: Edita. [In Finnish]


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