Doctoral Courses

The Finnish Doctoral Education Network in Nursing Science coordinates doctoral courses in nursing science in co-operation with University of Eastern Finland, University of Oulu, University of Tampere, University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University. The international aspect of courses has been enhanced, and each course will have international scope with international researchers.

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Course registration usually opens two months before the course starts.

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Empowering patient education – EPE course, 25 ECTS 
University of Turku
Professor Helena Leino-Kilpi
University teacher Heli Virtanen
Registration until 15.8.2021 via Webropol form

Advanced nursing for patients with complex and long-term health needs, 5 ECTS
Åbo Akademi University
Associate professor Heli Vaartio-Rajalin
Registration until 11.8.2021 at

The substance and theory development in caring theories, 5 ECTS
25-26.10 and 16-17.12.2021
Åbo Akademi University

Professor Lisbeth Fagerström
Registration until 13.9.
2021 at

Action research in nursing science, 5 ECTS
University of Eastern Finland
Professor Hannele Turunen
Registration until 7.11 at

Advanced course in qualitative health research, 5 ECTS
(Longitudinal qualitative research, Thematic analysis ja Metasynthesis)
Tampere University
Docent Jari Kylmä
Registration until 2.12 at

Planned  and upcoming courses for the semesters in 2022-2023.
More information will eventually be provided.


Ethics in health care and nursing research, 5 ECTS
University of  Turku
Professor Helena Leino-Kilpi

Theory development and testing, 5 ECTS 
Course description:
April 2022
University of Oulu
Professor Kristina Mikkonen

Health promotion and health literacy, 5 ECTS
Associate Professor Anna K. Forsman, Åbo Akademi University, Professor Tarja Kvist, University of Eastern Finland and Professor Katja Joronen, University of Turku


Mixed Methods research in nursing science, 5 ECTS
May or August 2022
University of Turku & University of Eastern Finland
Docent  Minna Stolt & Associate Professor Tarja Kvist

Integrated care, 5 ECTS
Tampere University & University of Turku
Docent Anja Rantanen & Professor Katja Joronen

Perspectives of gerontological research in nursing research
November 2022
University of Turku
Professor Riitta Suhonen

Nursing education research, 6 ECTS
October – December 2022
University of Turku & University of Eastern Finland Professor Leena Salminen & Professor Terhi Saaranen


Intervention research  (This is a recurring course every second year)
April 2023
University of Oulu

Family research
Spring 2023
University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University