Religion and Cultural Change

Welcome to an interdisciplinary summer school and conference “Religion and Cultural Change” to be held in Åbo/Turku 8–10 June, 2020.

NB! Finland has on 18 March declared a state of emergency, which means that all universities are closed, as well as all the borders. All gatherings of more than 10 people are also prohibited. The state of emergency will continue at least until 13 April.   

In these exceptional circumstances, we have decided to postpone the summer school and conference “Religion and Cultural Change” with one year. The new dates for the summer school and conference are 7-9 June 2021.  

All participants whose abstract was accepted will maintain their place in the summer school and conference.

At the end of this year, we will also open the call for papers for new participants.

We are hoping to have the same keynote speakers in the postponed conference as previously announced (Prof. Catharina Raudvere, Prof. Anders Runesson, and Prof. Rebecca Catto) but this will be confirmed later on. The publication opportunity in the journal Approaching Religion will be offered also in 2021.   

The participation fee, if already paid, will cover the participation fee of the summer school and conference 2021. If you have already paid your participation fee and wish to get a refund, please contact rccsecretary(at)    

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The aim of the summer school and conference is to bring together doctoral candidates and postdoc researchers from various academic fields that engage with the study of religion, such as theology, religious studies, history, philosophy, the arts, social and political sciences and other.

The summer school will consist of working groups, tutored by the keynote presenters and other academic teachers, where doctoral candidates are given the opportunity to present and discuss their ongoing PhD work in a cross-disciplinary, international setting. Postdoc researchers will present their papers in sessions running parallel to the summer school.

The summer school is arranged as a joint venture between three different research bodies in Åbo/Turku: the Centre for the Study of Christian Cultures (CSCC) at the University of Turku, the Polin Institute for Theological Research at Åbo Akademi University and the Donner Institute for Research in Religion and Culture (DI).

Welcome to Turku/Åbo!