Friday, October 18th
9:00 Hanna Acke (Åbo), Silvia Bonacchi (Warsaw), Charlotta Seiler Brylla (Stockholm), Ingo H. Warnke (Bremen): Marginality and Centrality in Contradictory Discourses of Religious and National Belonging
Marginalizing and Centralizing Practices I
9:20 Blanka Henrikson (Åbo): ”You are sort of always in between in a way” – Experienced borders in young adults’ own narratives of migration
10:00 Tatyana Lipai (Minsk): Marginalized people and manmade borders
10:40 Coffee break
11:10 Andreas Becker (Bielefeld): The Sami as a Category in the Swedish Empire: Legal and Social Categorizations based on Discourses of Marginality and Centrality in Early Modern Lapland
11:50 Gábor Egry (Budapest): Unlikely brothers? Entangled Székely and Moți peripheries in a contested province: Transylvania 1900–1944
12:30 Lunch break
Marginalizing and Centralizing Practices II
13:30 Christopher Schmidt (Åbo): Widersprüchlichkeit im sprachlichen Handeln und kulturelle Identität
14:10 Laura Popa (Gießen): The dilemma of the Italian Protestant feminist discourse: religious or secular belonging?
14:50 Coffee Break
Intersections of National and Religious Belonging I
15:20 Esther Jahns (Berlin): Positioning in the community. How German-speaking Jews perceive and make use of their multilingual resources
16:00 Mercédesz Czimbalmos (Åbo): Belonging and Identity in Finnish Jewry
Saturday, October 19th
  Contradictory Marginalizations I
9:00 Katharina Bock (Berlin): Jude bleiben, Christ werden? Jüdische Figuren in der dänischen Literatur (ca. 1820–1850)
9:40 Stephan Steiner (Vienna): “God’s Empire here in Vienna”: Protestant life in the Habsburg Empire in the 18th century
10:20 Svante Lindberg (Åbo): Francophone Calvinists in 18th Century Berlin: Margins, Cosmopolis, Nation. On Charles Étienne Jordan and Mathurin Veyssière de La Croze
11:00 Coffee Break
Contradictory Marginalizations
11:30 Diana Hitzke (Dresden/Gießen): Minderheiten erzählen. Konzepte von Insularität und Hybridität aus mehrsprachiger und vergleichender Perspektive
12:10 Charlotta Seiler Brylla (Stockholm): The Opinion Corridor. Negotiating the “sayable” in Swedish public discourse
12:50 Lunch break
Intersections of National and Religious Belonging II
13:50 Maya Hadar (Brno): Together We Stand? The Effect of Perceived Outcomes of Political Violence on National belongings of Jewish and Arab Israelis
14:30 Herbert Rostand Ngouo (Maroua): An Analysis of the Deployment of Religious Themes in Anglophone Nationalist (and Secessionist) Discourse on Social Media in Cameroon
15:10 Concluding discussion
15:40 Farewell coffee break